Microbiology is a Consultant and Biomedical Scientist led service aimed at supporting the diagnosis and treatment of infection and infectious disease. Results may be authorised by a Consultant or by a HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist following guidance provided by the Consultants.

Please refer to the panels on the left and right to find out more about our services including the Microbiology Laboratory user manual and instructions on how to obtain advice from microbiology.

Routine Opening Hours (Mon - Sun): 8:45am – 5:00pm

On-call Service (Mon-Sun) [urgent samples only]:5:00pm – 08:45am*   

* The laboratory provides an on-call service staffed by HCPC registered scientific staff.  This service can be accessed by contacting the hospital switchboard and asking for the Biomedical Scientist on-call for Microbiology.  This service is for urgent samples that require immediate processing and must not be used to enquire about pathology results. Please check the ICE reporting system for up to date laboratory results.

Outside normal hours any samples received without prior arrangement with the BMS on-call will be treated as non-urgent and appropriately stored until the next routine working day for the laboratory.



  • Helicobacter pylori serology is no longer available. Please request a H. pylori stool antigen test if clinically indicated. Contact a Consultant Microbiologist for advice if required.

  • Bartonella serology is no longer available. PCR is available on appropriate tissue samples. Please contact a Consultant Microbiologist for advice if required. 

  • From 1st October 2014, any serology request received without sufficient and relevant clinical details may NOT be tested.


Key Contacts

Microbiology Results - Extension 57000 or 01924 317000

Microbiology Clinical Advice - Extension 57188 or 01924 317188

Mr Neil Ullyott - Chief BMS Microbiology - Extension 57142 or 01924 317142 or neil.ullyott@nhs.net

Mrs Paula Barton - Senior Medical Secretary - Extension 57032 or 01924 317032 or paula.barton1@nhs.net

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