The department provides a comprehensive diagnostic support and clinical service to both the hospital and primary care.  The Blood Sciences Department is UKAS accredited for medical laboratories and also holds IBMS accreditation for the training Biomedical and Specialist Biomedical Scientists.

The quality within the department is continually monitored through internal quality control procedures, participation in national quality assessments schemes and audit.

The department carries an extensive list of assays, both performed in house and referred to other laboratories.  Please click here to access this information.

Contact Information for Key Staff

Julia Halpin - Chief BMS Haematology - Extension 57101 - 01924 317101

Mandy O'Shea - Chief BMS Blood Transfusion - Extension 57125 - 01924 317125

Dr. Joanna Haughton - Consultant Haematologist and Clinical Lead - Extension 57055 - 01924 317055

Clinical Advice

Clinical advice is provided where required and consultants can always be contacted as above or via switchboard.

Telephone Limits

The Biomedical Scientists will phone out the following results:

"New Cases" means phoning the result if the patient:

  • Has moved location since the last time an abnormal result was phoned.

  • Has not had the abnormal result phoned for the last 7days.

  • Or if there has been marked deterioration since the previous result.

"Always" means phoning the result irrespective of any previous abnormal results.

The BMS will also phone any other results in conjunction with stated clinical details where they believe immediate clinical action may be required.

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