Cytology is the study of cells.  The Cytology department is at Dewsbury Hospital and is part of Cellular Pathology.

Opening times

  • The department is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm.

  • No on call, weekend, or out of hours service is currently available.

Embryonic Stem Cells


Gynae Cytology

As of the 1 November 2019, all Gynae cytology (smears) are processed at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead.

Contacts at Queen Elizabeth Hospital​

  • Laboratory - 0191 4456549 / 01914556564

Non Gynae Cytology (excluding cervical smears)

Please note that White cell counts are not carried out in Cytology. These are done in Microbiology at PGH.

Non-gynae. cytology is the analysis of cytology specimens includes: urine, bronchial brushings, bronchial washings, pleural fluid, ascitic fluid, pericardial fluid, fine needle aspirates, sputum, cyst fluids etc.
All non-gynae specimens are processed in Cytology at Dewsbury Hospital. 

Click here to see further details in the user guide.

Most non-gynae specimens will degenerate fairly rapidly with time, so we would ask that all specimens are sent promptly. If the specimen has not been sent by the final transport we would ask that the specimen is put in the fridge and sent first thing the next working day.

Put specimen container in the bag attached to request form and seal up. Send in large bag which conforms to "UN3373", seal, and place in a red transport box. 

Request forms
Please use Histology/Non-gynae Cytology request forms or ICE forms, making sure all details are provided, including clinical details. Further details are available in the user guide.


Urgent specimens

If a non gynae result is required urgently the lab should be phoned on  x83279, indicating reason for urgency, time or date result required and name and contact number of requesting clinician.  This information should also be written on the request form with “Urgent “clearly written on it.

The result will be phoned through to the clinician if requested, or otherwise reported and authorised as soon as possible, so the report is available.

Cytology collection fluid
Cytology collection fluid (pink fluid) is used by many departments for Brushings and Fine Needle Aspirates.  This allows better fixation of the cells and gives the laboratory greater control over the final preparations.  Do not use cytology collection fluid for serous fluids (ascitic, pleural etc).

To order Cytology collection fluid use ICE consumables ordering.  To register contact 01924 317195 or email  

Filling in Forms

It is important that request forms are completed as fully as possible, with clinical details where necessary. Please note that if the form is not filled in correctly the specimen may be rejected or returned. Please check our user guide for minimum identifiers e.g. name, date of birth etc. we need before a sample is accepted.