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Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT)

 The UK independent, professionally-led haemovigilance scheme

SHOT is the United Kingdom’s independent, professionally-led haemovigilance scheme. Since 1996 SHOT has been collecting and analysing anonymised information on adverse events and reactions in blood transfusion from all healthcare organisations that are involved in the transfusion of blood and blood components in the United Kingdom.


Where risks and problems are identified, SHOT produces recommendations to improve patient safety. The recommendations are put into its annual report which is then circulated to all the relevant organisations including the four UK Blood Services, the Departments of Health in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and all the relevant professional bodies as well as circulating it to all of the reporting hospitals.


As haemovigilance is an ongoing exercise, SHOT can also monitor the effect of the implementation of its recommendations.

Blood Transfusion on NLMS

One of the ways you can fulfil your 2 yearly mandatory blood transfusion safety training requirement is by accessing the course, entitled "000 Blood Transfusion 01: Safe Transfusion Practice" on the National Learning Management System (NLMS).

This is part of a range of courses offered by "Learn Blood Transfusion" which are offered on NLMS.

The "Learn Blood Transfusion - The Essential Guide" provides further information on all the courses and all modes of access, including NLMS. Mid Yorkshire Trust recommends NLMS as it is linked to our ESR system.

Other "Learn Blood Transfusion" courses (not mandatory) on NLMS include:



Blood Transfusion 02:
Blood Components and Indications for Use

Description - who would it be used by

Extending the learning from "Blood transfusion 01" above, this is especially suitable for haematology nurses and doctors or anyone with a keen interest in transfusion 

Blood Transfusion 03:
Good Manufacturing Practice for Lab Staff

Mainly for use by Pathology laboratory staff, especially those involved in transfusion

Blood Transfusion 04:
Safe Transfusion Practice (Paediatrics)

For doctors and nurses working in paediatrics or in neonatal care.


Blood Transfusion 05:
Anti-D (Clinical)   

Especially suited for doctors, nurses and midwives who care for patients who may need Anti-D

Blood Transfusion 06:
Anti-D (Laboratory) 

For laboratory staff to expand their knowledge of anti D.


Blood Transfusion 07:
Learn Cell Salvage

An introduction to cell salvage for all clinical staff who come into contact with it (but don't necessarily use it) in their work. 

Blood Transfusion 08:
Safe Transfusion Practice in the Laboratory

This module promotes safe practice in the transfusion laboratory and covers the key safety issues associated with sample acceptability, serological testing, component issue and traceability

Blood Transfusion 09: Consent for Transfusion 

For clinical and nursing staff to learn about consent and retrospective information giving (when patient not consented as transfusion unplanned



To find these courses, log on to NLMS using your smart card or user name and your password. Search for "transfusion" under "courses". If the course you are looking for is not displayed immediately, at the top and bottom right of the table of courses displayed, click on "Next 10". When you have found the course you want, click on "enrol".

If you have questions regarding how to access eLearning on the National Learning Management System (NLMS), you should first visit the NLMS Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) on MY intranet. If the FAQ does not provide an answer to your question, please contact the NLMS support team via email: or x53748 Pind (01924 543748).